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The fight against poverty across Africa isn’t about charity, but Justice and Equality. Most African countries are currently experiencing the ravaging effects of corruption, which has increased astronomically in recent years. Corruption, impunity, and lack of accountability have been major governance challenges in the continent, with far-reaching impacts on access to and quality of public services such as power, electricity, health, security etc. as well as the well-being of citizens, and development in each country in the continent.

With the cost of corruption on Nigeria’s economy estimated by PwC amidst many other researches, to attain 37% of GDP by 2030 if not handled, It is therefore necessary to take the fight against corruption to every nook and cranny of Nigeria and Africa, through strategic engagement of the masses, using a medium so captivating to engage audience interests, yet with an acutely transformative capacity to inspire civic engagement, serve as a forum for conversation and community building, provoke national debate, inspire and also change behavior. That is what Film For Impact Foundation and High Definition Film Studio seek to accomplish through the “If I AM President TV Series Project, use episodic TV Series as a catalyst to fight corruption and pioneer positive change in Nigeria and across the African continent.

Film For Impact Foundation and High Definition Film studio will build on the success of its 2018 social change movie “If I Am President”, to develop, produce, and widely distribute the “IF I AM PRESIDENT” TV series, to amplify and sustain the impact achieved by the movie, and also foster citizens agency against corruption, with a view to achieving a corruption free Nigeria and Africa in the nearest future.

The episodic series, which is currently in development, will run 13 episodes each year over the next 10 years, and is aimed at using behavioral tactics to demonstrate good politics, the cost of corruption and how it impacts the society, and pointing out the power of citizens to make a change. Each episode is designed provide wholesome entertainment, while educating and empowering Nigerian and African citizens and social networks towards a corruption free society, with clear illustrations of how to organize and take action.

The atmosphere in most African countries is tensed with the demand for accountability, and in a few years from now citizens will go to the polls to elect new leaders that will pioneer the affairs of their country for another four years or more. There is no better time than now to engage Nigerians and Africans all over the world to take action, starting with casting their votes against corruption at all levels, and begin a new course to restoring the nation and continent to her glory.

Our organization’s mission is to train and support a community of filmmakers who will commit to producing and dissemination film & media contents committed to social change. We currently pioneer the Film For Impact Fellowship across the 6 geopolitical zones in Nigeria with 60 fellows currently, and we are organizers of the Africa Film For Impact Festival (AFFIF), a film festival dedicated to showcasing, empowering and supporting films and content productions committed to social change
Your kind donation will help us produce this project and make it accessible to all. You can donate to sponsor a season (13 episodes), 1 episode, or just make a donation.


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