Film For Impact Fellowship

“Film For Impact Fellowship” is a community for filmmakers who share a common goal to pioneer change using films. It is a high impact program that discovers, train, mentor and support socially conscious filmmakers.


Our vision is to create a better world through films.


Our mission is to Empower a community of socially conscious filmmakers.


  • A passion and commitment for socially conscious films
  • Verifiable socially conscious films/videos you have done previously
  • A Blueprint/Proposal of a socially conscious film project you are currently working on.


  • Training and mentorship by professionals in the film industry
  • Capacity building for you and your organization in other aspects of influencing behavioral change through films.
  • Equipment Support for your socially conscious film project
  • Financial Support for small budget film projects
  • Stipend over a period of 4 months (For the 12 Fellows selected from the Script2Screen Africa Reality TV project for emerging filmmakers)
  • Connect to Grant Opportunities: An Opportunity to PITCH your big project to a host of Grant Donors at the Africa Film For Impact Fellowship (Only available to fellows).
  • A community to expand your knowledge and also extend the reach of your film.
  • Networking


You can apply to be a FELLOW in either of two ways:

  1. Emerging Filmmakers: Apply to be a part of the Script2Screen Africa Reality TV project, where 60 emerging filmmakers with a passion for socially conscious movies are admitted for training. At the end of a 3 day boot camp, 12 finalists are selected for a 4 months mentorship program during which they will be immersed in an intensive fellowship activities and then each empowered with Equipment and Finance to make a short film. Fellowship Activities during the 4 months includes:
  • Capacity building on The Power of Film to create Change, Concept of Theory of Change, Monitoring and Evaluation, behavioral Insight, Communications among others.
  • Story and Script Development
  • Pre-production of Developed Stories
  • Production of Short Films
  • Post Production film projects
  • Promotion and dissemination of Produced films

To apply, ckick here to fill the online application form 

  • Send a showreel or link to socially conscious films or projects you have done previously
  • Submit a Blueprint/Proposal of a socially conscious film project you are currently working on.
  • The Foundation Board will review all applications and prospective persons will be contacted and scheduled for an interview, either physical, phone call, or online.
  • Selected persons will be notified via an email of their acceptance into the Fellowship and the scheduled day for Induction.