Film For Impact Fellowship

“Film For Impact Fellowship” is a community for filmmakers who share a common goal to pioneer change using films. It is a high impact program that discovers, train, mentor and support socially conscious filmmakers.


Our vision is to create a better world through films.


Our mission is to Empower a community of socially conscious filmmakers.


A member of the Film Fellowship is called a FELLOW.



Membership Status

FFIF recognizes 3 membership status:

1. MEMBER (Fellows In training): One becomes a member of the fellowship after passing through a selection/audition process, shortlisted for training, and undergoing training by the foundation.

This membership status applies to the 1st year of acceptance into the fellowship and has a duration for just One Year, after which the phase is concluded and successful members will be inducted and have a status update to FELLOW, while unsuccessful members will also be celebrated at the end of year’s program, and expected to make good of the training they have received during their one year membership.

2. FELLOW: We define a Fellow as an individual recognized by the foundation to have made a truly significant contribution to the fellowship and its aims and objectives.

The process of becoming a fellow is managed by the foundation. The grade of a Fellow is reserved for full members of the fellowship, having successfully completed the one year membership phase.

3. HONORARY FELLOW: This fellowship status defines established and veteran filmmakers & Actors in the industry who are driving social change in the society using film, and who also commit to the aims and objectives of the fellowship.

Membership Requirement

1. A passion and commitment for Social Change.

2. Some experience in Filmmaking.

3. Your updated Curriculum Vitae (CV) reflecting your work as a Social Change Filmmaker

4. A SHOWREEL verifying a minimum of 3 social impact contents (Film/Video) that you have created and distributed.

5. Verifiable social consciousness across your social media platforms and channels.

6. A summarized Blueprint/Proposal of your own organization social impact project plan: what you are currently working on, and the future plans of your organization.

7. Verifiable PERSONAL and active YouTube/Vimeo Channel with your uploaded contents, or any other media or online channel to showcase your works.

8. A commitment to be ACTIVE in all activities of the fellowship.

Benefit To Fellows

  • Seasonal training and mentorship by professionals in the film industry
  • Capacity building for you and your organization in other aspects of influencing Behavioral Change through films.
  • Filming equipment support for your approved socially conscious film projects.
  • Financial Support for selected small budget film projects
  • Connection to Grant Opportunities: An Opportunity to PITCH your big project to a host of Grant Donors at the Africa Film For Impact Festival (Only available to fellows).
  • A community to expand your knowledge and extend the visibility of your works.
  • National and International


You can apply to be a FELLOW directly by filling the online application form  HERE :

  • Fill the online application form
  • Submit a SHOWREEL fulfilling all criteria as listed in the REQUIREMENT session above


  • Acknowledgment of the receipt of completed applications will be sent to all applicants by email or phone.
  • After a thorough review of all applications and documentation by the Foundation’s Board;
  • Prospective applicants will be invited for a scheduled interview. This interview may be face to face, via phone, or online conversation.
  • Successful applicants will receive an acceptance notification via email or phone, after which confirmation of acceptance is required within 7 working days for notification.
  • Details for an Induction program will be communicated after the receipt of confirmation of acceptance from successful applicants.

Fellowship Guidelines & Codes of Conduct

Being a fellow requires strict adherence to the following core principles and values that support and serve this mission:

  1. Fellows should be active and consistent in the production and dissemination of Socially Conscious contents through your channels
  2. Fellows should be actively involved in the programs of the Fellowship at all levels, both national and zonal. ACTIVE in this contest describes, physically or remotely involved in activities, contributing creativity and time, and other resources (if required), and also being active on the National and Zonal WhatsApp platforms, or other communication media.
  3. Fellows should feel free to share their personal social change contents, after approval, on the FFIF platforms as often as possible, for engagement and support.
  4. Fellows should commit to sharing contents from FFIF national, as well as from other colleagues in the fellowship
  5. Fellows should be committed to the continuous improvement of the course. “Our Strength is in our ACTIVE community”
  6. Fellows should be responsible and accountable for their actions.
  7. Fellows should respect the cultural and religious/spiritual beliefs of other members.
  8. All fellows must uphold the INTEGRITY of the course we all represent, and not be involved in activities that discredit it.