The fight against poverty across Africa isn’t about charity, but Justice and Equality. Most African countries are currently experiencing the ravaging effects of corruption, which has increased astronomically in recent years. Corruption, impunity, and lack of accountability have been major governance challenges in the continent, with far-reaching impacts on access to and quality of public services such as power, electricity, health, security etc. as well as the well-being of citizens, and development in each country in the continent.

With the cost of corruption on Nigeria’s economy estimated by PwC amidst many other researches, to attain 37% of GDP by 2030 if not handled, It is therefore necessary to take the fight against corruption to every nook and cranny of Nigeria and Africa, through strategic engagement of the masses, using a medium so captivating to engage audience interests, yet with an acutely transformative capacity to inspire civic engagement, serve as a forum for conversation and community building, provoke national debate, inspire and also change behavior. That is what Film For Impact Foundation and High Definition Film Studio seek to accomplish through the “If I AM President TV Series Project, use episodic TV Series as a catalyst to fight corruption and pioneer positive change in Nigeria and across the African continent.

Film For Impact Foundation and High Definition Film studio will build on the success of its 2018 social change movie “If I Am President”, to develop, produce, and widely distribute the “IF I AM PRESIDENT” TV series, to amplify and sustain the impact achieved by the movie, and also foster citizens agency against corruption, with a view to achieving a corruption free Nigeria and Africa in the nearest future.

The episodic series, which is currently in development, will run 13 episodes each year over the next 10 years, and is aimed at using behavioral tactics to demonstrate good politics, the cost of corruption and how it impacts the society, and pointing out the power of citizens to make a change. Each episode is designed provide wholesome entertainment, while educating and empowering Nigerian and African citizens and social networks towards a corruption free society, with clear illustrations of how to organize and take action.

The atmosphere in most African countries is tensed with the demand for accountability, and in a few years from now citizens will go to the polls to elect new leaders that will pioneer the affairs of their country for another four years or more. There is no better time than now to engage Nigerians and Africans all over the world to take action, starting with casting their votes against corruption at all levels, and begin a new course to restoring the nation and continent to her glory.

Our organization’s mission is to train and support a community of filmmakers who will commit to producing and dissemination film & media contents committed to social change. We currently pioneer the Film For Impact Fellowship across the 6 geopolitical zones in Nigeria with 60 fellows currently, and we are organizers of the Africa Film For Impact Festival (AFFIF), a film festival dedicated to showcasing, empowering and supporting films and content productions committed to social change
Your kind donation will help us produce this project and make it accessible to all. You can donate to sponsor a season (13 episodes), 1 episode, or just make a donation.


Raise a Voice Challenge


Raise a VoiceRAISE A VOICE Challenge” is an initiative of Film For Impact Foundation to inspire established and upcoming filmmakers and actors across the continent to lend their voices to social vices that have gone unresolved for long, and whose cycle needs to be broken.
The 4 main themes for this season of the challenge are Rape, Domestic Violence, Police Brutality. and Corruption/Accountability
The Challenge requires filmmakers and Actors across Nigeria and Africa to make a 60 seconds short film or monologue respectively on any of these themes, upload it on their Instagram page using the hashtags #Affif2020RaiseAvoiceChallenge, #Affif2020StopRapeNow, #Affif2020StopDomesticViolence #Affif2020StopPoliceBrutality, #Affif2020SayNoToCorruption and then tag @filmforimpactng in the post.

The foundation will grant each entry on its Instagram handle @filmforimpactng, and participants will invite friends and loved ones to view, like, and comment on their entries.

The Top 20 entries by filmmakers and actors (10 each), 50% selected by the audience (highest views + likes) and the other 50% selected by the festival team, will then qualify to screen at the AFFIF ONLINE Festival, which is scheduled to hold LIVE on Youtube @ FFIF TV on July 25, 2020.




1. Entry must address at least one of the 4 themes of the festival
2. All entries must be a maximum of 60 seconds
3. Entries must give solution or hope, and not just highlight the problem
4. Entries are only received within the stated deadline
5. Entries in any other language other than English are welcome but MUST have English subtitles.
6. Multiple entries by the same filmmaker on different themes are accepted.


1. The top 10 videos with highest views + likes (5 filmmakers & 5 Actors) will be selected as finalists

2. The Festival Team will also select 10 extra outstanding videos as finalists

3. All 20 videos will screen at the Online Film Festival in competition for the grand prize


1. Fill out the Entry Form by clicking here

2. Make a 60 seconds video on any of the themes listed.

3. upload the video on your Instagram page using the hashtags #Affif2020RaiseAvoiceChallenge, #Affif2020StopRapeNow #Affif2020StopDomesticViolence #Affif2020StopPoliceBrutality, #Affif2020SayNoToCorruption and then tag @filmforimpactng in the post.

4. The festival will grant each entry on its @filmforimpactng Instagram handle, then you will invite friends and loved ones to view, like, and comment on your entries.


1. Story

2. Originality

3. Creativity


5. Performance



1. N50,000 Palliative each

2. A Return Flight Ticket to AFFIF 2020, (Local Flight)

3. Award Certificate (To be Emailed to You)


1. N20,000 palliatives for the 1st Runner up in the Filmmaking & Acting category

2. Full Tuition Scholarship 2 Weeks Filmmaking training for 20 socially conscious filmmakers, powered by High Definition Film Academy.

3. Certificate of Participation for all filmmakers & Actors who make an entry into the online festival

Script2Screen Africa Reality TV project


Film is big business, but film also has the power to change the world.

In a time when Nigeria and the continent of Africa is overwhelmed by multiple ills, poverty, injustice, terrorism, and corruption, we seek to train filmmakers with a vision to tell stories that will tackle some of the continent’s most pressing issues head-on. Filmmakers who understand that linking a powerful story with a highly developed activist campaign, could move public opinion and start a revolution. And to make a film with such power to create change it has to be intentional.

We at High Definition Film Studio and Film For Impact Foundation are out to be a part of the solution, and our Script to Screen Africa project is the arena where these new generation of Social Impact Filmmakers will be forged.


Script2Screen Africa is a Filmmaking project with a mission to train and engage Filmmakers each year, to produce and distribute films to tackle social ills head-on, educate viewers while entertaining them, and hopefully pique effective action once the screen’s glow diminishes. The 2019 edition is dedicated to inspiring Accountability and tackling the menace of corruption in Nigeria.


Entries/Audition for the 2019 script2screen Africa filmmaking project opens ONLINE from July 22 to August 9, 2019. Interested persons are to fill an online application form, and send required documents to the designated email. Subsequently Phone and Online interviews will follow.


Based on a panel review of the online entries received, the foundation will invite 10 filmmakers for a 3 days Boot Camp in each geopolitical zone, a cumulative of 60 filmmakers across the 6 geopolitical zones in Nigeria.

Boot Camps will hold across the 6 geopolitical zones as follows:

SOUTH-SOUTH (PortHarcourt) August 19-21, 2019.
SOUTH EAST (Enugu) August 22-24, 2019.
SOUTH WEST (Lagos) August 26-28, 2019.
NORTH WEST (Kano) August 29-31, 2019.
NORTH EAST (Bauchi) September 2-4, 2019.
NORTH CENTRAL (Abuja) September 9-11, 2019.


At the end of the 3 days boot Camp across the 6 geopolitical zones in Nigeria, 12 most outstanding filmmakers (2 in each zone) will be selected for Induction as Film For Impact Fellows. The Fellows will go through further training and mentorship in the 4 months Film For Impact Fellowship program, after which they will each receive funding for a short film.


Each Fellow will receive a monthly stipend to support their logistics cost, during the 4 months Fellowship Program.


At the end of the 4 months Film For Impact Fellowship program, each fellow will be supported with a production fund to make an exceptional short film.


Nollywood star Actors and filmmakers will facilitate courses in filmmaking, while other special guests on the project will facilitate special training on Film For Social Change, Behavioural Insight, Communication, Monitoring & Evaluation, etc. This special guest lectures will background the Fellows on the above mentioned key areas, hence improving the quality and innovations in the scripts to be produced by the fellows, as well as their work in the impact field.


  • Training and mentorship by professionals in the film industry
  • Capacity building for you and your organization in other aspects of influencing behavioral change through films.
  • Equipment Support for your socially conscious film project
  • Financial Support for small budget film projects
  • Stipend over a period of 4 months (For the 12 Fellows selected from the Script2Screen Africa Reality TV project for emerging filmmakers)
  • Connect to Grant Opportunities: An Opportunity to PITCH your big project to a host of Grant Donors at the Africa Film For Impact Fellowship (Only available to fellows).
  • A community to expand your knowledge and also extend the reach of your film.
  • Networking


To apply

  • Click here to fill the online application form 
  • Send a showreel or link to socially conscious films or projects you have done previously
  • Submit a Blueprint/Proposal of a socially conscious film project you are currently working on.
  • The Foundation Board will review all applications and prospective persons will be contacted and scheduled for an interview, either physical, phone call, or online.
  • Selected persons will be notified via an email of their acceptance into the Fellowship and the scheduled day for Induction.

Film For Impact Fellowship

Film For Impact Fellowship

“Film For Impact Fellowship” is a community for filmmakers who share a common goal to pioneer change using films. It is a high impact program that discovers, train, mentor and support socially conscious filmmakers.


Our vision is to create a better world through films.


Our mission is to Empower a community of socially conscious filmmakers.


A member of the Film Fellowship is called a FELLOW.



Membership Status

FFIF recognizes 3 membership status:

1. MEMBER (Fellows In training): One becomes a member of the fellowship after passing through a selection/audition process, shortlisted for training, and undergoing training by the foundation.

This membership status applies to the 1st year of acceptance into the fellowship and has a duration for just One Year, after which the phase is concluded and successful members will be inducted and have a status update to FELLOW, while unsuccessful members will also be celebrated at the end of year’s program, and expected to make good of the training they have received during their one year membership.

2. FELLOW: We define a Fellow as an individual recognized by the foundation to have made a truly significant contribution to the fellowship and its aims and objectives.

The process of becoming a fellow is managed by the foundation. The grade of a Fellow is reserved for full members of the fellowship, having successfully completed the one year membership phase.

3. HONORARY FELLOW: This fellowship status defines established and veteran filmmakers & Actors in the industry who are driving social change in the society using film, and who also commit to the aims and objectives of the fellowship.

Membership Requirement

1. A passion and commitment for Social Change.

2. Some experience in Filmmaking.

3. Your updated Curriculum Vitae (CV) reflecting your work as a Social Change Filmmaker

4. A SHOWREEL verifying a minimum of 3 social impact contents (Film/Video) that you have created and distributed.

5. Verifiable social consciousness across your social media platforms and channels.

6. A summarized Blueprint/Proposal of your own organization social impact project plan: what you are currently working on, and the future plans of your organization.

7. Verifiable PERSONAL and active YouTube/Vimeo Channel with your uploaded contents, or any other media or online channel to showcase your works.

8. A commitment to be ACTIVE in all activities of the fellowship.

Benefit To Fellows

  • Seasonal training and mentorship by professionals in the film industry
  • Capacity building for you and your organization in other aspects of influencing Behavioral Change through films.
  • Filming equipment support for your approved socially conscious film projects.
  • Financial Support for selected small budget film projects
  • Connection to Grant Opportunities: An Opportunity to PITCH your big project to a host of Grant Donors at the Africa Film For Impact Festival (Only available to fellows).
  • A community to expand your knowledge and extend the visibility of your works.
  • National and International


You can apply to be a FELLOW directly by filling the online application form  HERE :

  • Fill the online application form
  • Submit a SHOWREEL fulfilling all criteria as listed in the REQUIREMENT session above


  • Acknowledgment of the receipt of completed applications will be sent to all applicants by email or phone.
  • After a thorough review of all applications and documentation by the Foundation’s Board;
  • Prospective applicants will be invited for a scheduled interview. This interview may be face to face, via phone, or online conversation.
  • Successful applicants will receive an acceptance notification via email or phone, after which confirmation of acceptance is required within 7 working days for notification.
  • Details for an Induction program will be communicated after the receipt of confirmation of acceptance from successful applicants.

Fellowship Guidelines & Codes of Conduct

Being a fellow requires strict adherence to the following core principles and values that support and serve this mission:

  1. Fellows should be active and consistent in the production and dissemination of Socially Conscious contents through your channels
  2. Fellows should be actively involved in the programs of the Fellowship at all levels, both national and zonal. ACTIVE in this contest describes, physically or remotely involved in activities, contributing creativity and time, and other resources (if required), and also being active on the National and Zonal WhatsApp platforms, or other communication media.
  3. Fellows should feel free to share their personal social change contents, after approval, on the FFIF platforms as often as possible, for engagement and support.
  4. Fellows should commit to sharing contents from FFIF national, as well as from other colleagues in the fellowship
  5. Fellows should be committed to the continuous improvement of the course. “Our Strength is in our ACTIVE community”
  6. Fellows should be responsible and accountable for their actions.
  7. Fellows should respect the cultural and religious/spiritual beliefs of other members.
  8. All fellows must uphold the INTEGRITY of the course we all represent, and not be involved in activities that discredit it.

Africa Film For Impact Film Festival

Africa Film for Impact Festival

Africa Film For Impact Festival (AFFIF) is a film festival dedicated to showcasing, celebrating, and empowering films and filmmakers committed to social change themes in movie production across the African continent.

Film For Impact Foundation in partnership with High Definition Film Studio is set to go virtual with the maiden edition of the “Africa Film For Impact Festival (AFFIF)”, theme “Break The Cycle”. The film festival which was originally scheduled to hold May 28-30, 2020, and was suspended due to the COVID 19 pandemic, will now hold via Virtual Access from November 3-7, 2020.

Africa Film For Impact Festival (AFFIF) is dedicated to showcasing, celebrating, and empowering films and filmmakers committed to social change themes in movie production across the continent of Africa and the world.

The hybrid Film Festival, which will screen short and feature narrative and documentary films with purpose over a 5 day period, will also host film premieres, master classes, panel discussions, workshops, an Impact Carnival, and climax with an Impact Award ceremony, which will honor extraordinary achievements in filmmaking and driving social change through films.

Themes to be explored at the festival include Building Accountable Systems & Leaders for a Corruption free Society, Women Empowerment & Gender-Based Violence, Women in film, Human Trafficking, Human Right & Criminal Justice, Climate Change, Security, Peace & Conflict Resolution, The future of Film Distribution & social change contents, Reflections on the COVID 19 pandemic & Opportunities, Technology as a tool for social change.

EXTENDED DEADLINE for submission of films to AFFIF 2020 is open from August 20 to Sept. 18, 2020, via “Filmfreeway” at www.filmfreeway.com. Official selections for the festival will be announced on October 1, 2020, by 8:00 PM WAT. Africa Film For Impact Festival will stream live to audiences across the world via the festival Youtube channel @ FFIF TV from November 3-7, 2020, while also streaming on partnering television stations.

Partnership Opportunities avail for Organizations and individuals to partner with the festival in whatever capacity you are willing to partner. Subscribe to the festival Youtube channel @ FFIF TV so you get notified of upcoming events. Also follow Africa Film For Impact Festival on Instagram, Facebook, and twitter @affif.ng and @filmforimpactng



— To submit your film, click:  www.FilmFreeway.com

— To attend the festival, (see options below) register <HERE>



  • Media
  • Volunteer
  • Industry Delegate
  • Exhibitor
  • Participant


To showcase, celebrate, and empower films and filmmakers committed to social change themes in movie production across the African continent.


  • Film Screenings
  • Panel Discussions
  • Workshops
  • The PITCH
  • Impact Awards


This award honors extraordinary achievement in creative story telling

Cinematography Award
This award honors extraordinary achievement in Cinematography

Creativity Award
This award honors extraordinary achievement in Film Directing

Social Impact Award
This award honors extraordinary achievement in Social Impact


To attend the festival, register <HERE> and to submit your film, click:  www.FilmFreeway.com


  • Narrative films ( Short, Feature)
  • Documentary ( Short, Feature)
  • Animation ( Short, Feature)


Film is much more than simple entertainment; film has the capacity to change the world. Hence, we seek to raise a generation of filmmakers with an understanding that film is an ideal catalyst for change. Through a combination of quality training and mentorship, the vision of these trail blazers will shape thought-provoking Short & feature Films such as the African Film Industry is yet to experience. This is what HDFA seeks to achieve through her Africa Film For Impact Festival and we welcome you to be a part of this history making project.



US, UK, EU, UN Int’l NGOs, Embassies, NDLEA, NAPTIP, EFCC, MacArthur Grantees, M & E, B-I, COMM teams.


  • Steve Gukas
  • Rogers Ofime
  • Chioma Ude
  • CJ Obasi
  • Pascal Amanfo
  • Ezinne Uluocha/Funmi Illama